Tuition Visits

Competent Eleven Plus preparation

Preparing the right way for the Eleven Plus exams

When your child is preparing for the Eleven Plus, family life can become fraught and stressful. At Successful Learning, our aim is to give children and their parents the resources and the know-how to cope and succeed with the exams. Contact the experts today!


To begin with children come along with their parents for an hour-long individual workshop. This is an opportunity for parents and their child to experience our approach to the test. We make sure that children who come to us acquire the skills needed for the Eleven Plus and also acquire skills needed to face any challenge or any exam in future.

Our methodical approach to the exams

After the initial first hour session, children come to two-hour sessions which are held after school and on Saturday mornings.


We teach in small groups where children receive one-to-one tuition but also benefit from the opportunity to overhear the advice others get and to share ideas. We will often explore a type of question in a group with children generating questions of the same type for each other before tackling the questions in the papers. This gives the children a real grasp of what a question means, what is being asked for and how to tackle it.


In the two-hour session, children get the chance:


  • To work through papers
  • Discuss strategies that work for them
  • Practise relaxation techniques
  • Have a break with games designed to promote thinking, widen your vocabulary, encourage accuracy and develop memory and social skills


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Students from Wirral, Liverpool and Merseyside join us for Eleven Plus preparations. To discuss your requirements, call us on 0151 625 2619