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What the Parents Say

“My daughter has been diagnosed with ADHD, dyslexia and possible autism. I was dealing with daily meltdowns. In 6 months of year 2 at school there had been no progression. I had reached the end of my tether. The paediatrician had said the only option was medication or discharge. A friend suggested I had a look at the successful learning website as her son had benefited greatly from meeting Jean and Hillary, so tentatively made the call to arrange a meeting. I immediately felt that someone understood where I was coming from and accepted the reason why I didn’t want to give my child drugs.


The first meeting was emotional to say the least, my little girl was asked to do a task I never thought was possible for her to do, but with the right support she sat and spelt “uncomfortable” forwards and backwards. This was a child who struggled to read words such as “is” and “it”.


Five weeks on, the change is amazing. My little girl is now calm and relaxed. She has not had a meltdown in weeks. Her teacher has commented on improvement for the first time this year. She sleeps!


She still has a long way to go to catch up, but I am amazed at the improvement in such a short amount of time.”

“My son, now aged eight, has struggled with all aspects of school since Nursery. He was always that step behind his peers and found it difficult when forming relationships with friends and teachers.


We had tried absolutely everything to help him with his work and confidence and when he started Juniors we just felt despair – then I found Jean and Hilary.


What a transformation! In such a short amount of time we have a happy, confident, sociable little boy and a very calm, stress free household. He has improved in all subjects as he is now listening, trying and taking part. He is enjoying learning and everything has just clicked into place. We have just had Parents’ evening and it was like hearing about another child. Thank you so much!”

“Dear Jean and Hilary, I thought it was about time I wrote to say thank you for everything you have done for our son.
It is eleven years since we came to you for help with a seven year old boy who was very quiet and very much of a loner.
My son’s teacher at the time told me, as he was coming to the end of Year 2, that all he was capable of was writing his name and that he would need statementing. Coming to see you confirmed to me that the boy I knew was not the same one who sat in her classroom and that he just needed the right attention and help so that he could achieve. It surprised his school that at the very time she was telling us this he was getting top marks in his Year 2 SATs, with obviously no input from the school.


We came to you from the end of Year 2 to the end of Year 6 and in that time our son was admitted on a gifted child programme and passed his Eleven Plus with a score of 99.5 percent also achieving the maximum in his SATs. Most importantly he became a more confident child with both his peers and others.


We said our goodbyes to you and our son headed off for his chosen grammar school.


Everything seemed to be fine, until we had his report towards the end of Year 9 when it was obvious he had switched off from school. Back we came for your guidance and support at our son’s own request. He said he regretted giving up three years earlier.


These last four years you have not only helped him with his education, getting him back on track but also given him the confidence to help others and grow into the young man who his dad and I are very proud of. In the next couple of weeks our son will finish taking his ‘A’Levels with the intention of going to university to do a degree.


The words ‘Thank You’ seem inadequate for all these years of support, but they come with a sincerity that is often missing when normally used.”

“Dear Jean and Hilary

Our son is a new boy! Quite simply you have brought out the best in our son and helped him to grow up and enjoy learning. We cannot thank you enough.


When we first came to see you we didn’t know if our son was going to have a happy future, now we are filled with hope.
You are inspirational and we thank you so very much.”


My 11 year old son started going to Successful Learning to increase his confidence about doing ‘a bit more’ than what was asked of him. After attending sessions for less than eight weeks he wrote a letter to his teacher asking if he could have a speaking part in the play and listed his reasons. He was given two parts. When I asked him whether his confidence had wholly or partially improved because of going to Jean and Hilary’s or whether it had nothing at all to do with him going he said it was wholly because of Jean and Hilary.


My six year old girl was starting to dislike school and it was a struggle to get her to school every morning. She told me that she couldn’t read, write or spell but so desperately wanted to be on the top table in class. Her self esteem was getting lower and lower. After seeing Jean and Hilary for the first time she went home and got out her keywords for me to help her learn them. The next morning she ran in to class. When she came out of school she told mi that it was a lot better to be nice, to care and share rather than be silly in class. Jean and Hilary have given her back her confidence and they have also given me more confidence that I am able to help.

“After coming to Successful Learning for just one term he has turned his predicted ‘D’ in his Maths ‘GCSE’ into a ‘B’. In our house we can’t stop smiling. Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou.


We don’t know where his dyslexia has gone but he is now reading two years above his age when he was, such a short time ago, reading two years below.


After the three days he spent with you at winter half term we could see an immediate improvement in him and it was as though an internal switch had been flicked. Whatever you had said to him had triggered something that suddenly resulted in him wanting to try.”

“We thought that our daughter was right on track for the 11+ and had been practising on and off at home before the summer. However we were a little surprised when she sat her first practice paper at school and only managed 68%. We decided to send her to Jean Robb for tutoring and are glad to say that after 2 weeks her score had gone up to 83% and after 3 weeks to 91%.”

“When I was confronted by a teacher inferring that my child had some problems I knew that they were not right. However, as a mere parent with no teaching qualifications or contacts in education I felt cornered and powerless to argue against this teacher who claimed to have “extensive experience”. It was an awful situation and I didn’t know which way to turn.


After contacting Jean at Successful Learning I received reassurance, help and confidence to deal with this matter.


Thank you Jean, I am so grateful for your help.” A very appreciative parent.

“Our six year old son was ‘not up to standard’ and certainly not ready to go into the juniors, his school told us, and after meeting with the Special Education Needs Co-ordination we decided to see if Successful Learning could help.


At our first meeting with Jean and Hilary our son spelt words, forwards and backwards, that even I would struggle with. It was amazing and Jean’s honesty and commitment is to be admired.


Our son can now read books above his reading age without any problem, where before he struggled and spelt out 3 letter words. Now he asks to write and shows off his neat writing and wonderful spelling, but in a nice way.


He attended one of the Three Day Schools not long after starting and skipped in happily each morning telling me after each session what he had learned, who he had played with and helped and about their beach visits.


He now has much more confidence and for the first time attended a Soccer Holiday Club, without Mum, something unheard of before meeting Jean and Hilary.


We cannot thank them enough! His manners have also improved and he is a much nicer boy all round.
He will continue to attend as long as necessary as we are all gaining so much from it!”

“Our four year old daughter has recently started attending Successful Learning with Jean and Hilary and already we have noticed a difference. She has become more inquisitive and has a new excitement for learning, reading and writing. What is so unique/great about Jean and Hilary is their holistic approach. The relaxation activity she has been doing during their session has helped her calm down and focus on learning (and unexpectedly helped her settle down during bedtime and go to sleep much easier too!)


Learning in a relaxed, calm and disciplined environment is having such a positive effect on our daughter. She cannot wait to get to each session, and mixing with children of different ages is motivating and giving her an enthusiasm for education.


Thank you Jean and Hilary for your wisdom and inspiration”.

“Dear Jean and Hilary,


We would like to thank you for all your help with our daughter. She was really lacking in confidence when she first started visiting you and was struggling at school, particularly in Literacy. I was worried that she was not prepared for secondary school and would find it difficult to keep up. I was particularly afraid that if she had a problem she would be reluctant to approach the teacher, but I think you have helped her find her voice and we all feel much happier about her starting secondary school now.


One of the big rites of passage in my daughter’s primary school is that Year 6 star in the Christmas production. In September my daughter told me that she would not be auditioning for the production because she was afraid that she would not be able to read her lines and her classmates would laugh at her. By the time December came around the change in her was so big that not only did she perform in the production but she had one of the lead roles. This involved her starting off the whole production with the opening lines on an empty stage. I would never have believed she would agree to do that! She also performed a reading at the Christingle service and on both occasions spoke loudly and clearly and came across as one of the more confident children.”

“My 10 year old son was classified in a local school as a chronic under-achiever requiring special needs tuition. He also suffered bullying at this school for years so his self confidence was rock bottom and school life for him was a pretty miserable experience.


After only 6 weeks in your Successful Learning classes he has progressed from having a reading age of 5-6 years to a reading age of 8-9. His self confidence and concentration have improved and he is now beginning to understand the school lessons. The school still want to label him ‘Special Needs’ and have stated he will not progress past a 2a this year. I believe he will prove them wrong as the light switch has now been flicked to ON. The bullying has also started to subside because he is not targeted as the ‘odd one out’ in the class and has the confidence to seek help if needed from the Head Teacher.


The methods you use are what I would classify as ‘old fashioned teaching’, coupled with extreme care, understanding and a fundamental belief that no child should be ‘written off’ as an under-achiever and that all children can fulfil their educational potential wit the correct teaching methods. Since starting at tuition my son has become more confident in himself and his reading and spelling have improved tremendously.


Many, many thanks for giving him back his confidence, his pride, his future.”

“Our 5 year old son would not listen to his teacher during his lessons and we felt as though we had lost our little angel. Successful Learning was suggested by a friend and we took him along to meet Jean. After the Three Day Course we could see improvements in his concentration and behaviour. Thank you Jean and Hilary for your help and continued support, we feel there is light at the end of the tunnel.”

What the Children Say

“Within the first 10 minutes of meeting Jean and Hilary I was feeling more confident and proud of myself than 5 years of school education had ever made me feel.


Despite being told that I was intelligent by everyone i did not believe in my ability but Jean and Hilary showed me what my capability was and got me believing in myself.


I no longer get frustrated because I think I can’t do something, I get frustrated because I can’t use it as an excuse for not trying. I have far more confidence to give anything a go and now enjoy testing and stretching my limits.


My parents are very proud of me but more importantly, I am proud of myself.


Thank you Jean and Hilary for all your help and guidance.”


Archie (9)

“On a Tuesday and a Thursday I come to Successful Learning to learn new techniques and skills or maybe just to do some homework. My mum normally drops me off. When I first started coming I was really nervous because I didn’t understand anything in Maths or English but after a few weeks or a month I really started to understand what to do. Everyone at Successful Learning is very nice and friendly and calm.”

A Secondary Pupil

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