Interactive and efficient cooperative learning

The Wirral’s education specialists

To find out more about our cooperative learning methods and techniques, contact Jean or Hilary at Successful Learning in the Wirral. Our students come from the Wirral, Liverpool and Merseyside.

Q. How long does our child need to come?

A. How long a child comes is completely up to the parents. As teachers, we are always very excited about where we could take a child on to next and could keep working with a child through their schooling. However, we find that once parents feel that they know what they can do or are comfortable that their child is back on the right track they are happy to stop the sessions. This is fine and we always tell children and their parents that they are welcome to come back at any time. We have had children come for help with spelling at age seven who have reappeared for help with the Eleven Plus and who have popped back again for a bit of help before their G.C.S.E.’s.

Q. Do you teach one to one?

A. Students who come to us get one to one attention when needed. We find that children thrive in a combination of small groups, whole groups and individual tuition.

Q. Do you run sessions in the holidays?

A. We do run sessions in the holidays. These are usually three day courses.

Q. Does my child have to stay for two hours?

A. Yes, because we want children to have time to think, time to practise and time to learn all that they need.

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