We are experienced tutoring experts in the Wirral


At Successful Learning parents and children can find the help, the advice, teaching and support they need to develop their potential and get the most from school and enjoy family life.


Jean Robb and Hilary Letts, the acclaimed authors of the Creating Kids Who Can series, offer tutoring with a difference. Using their methods developed over forty years of teaching, Jean and Hilary achieve amazing results with children of all ages and abilities.


Jean and Hilary are experts in:


  • Helping children learn how to learn
  • Changing children who feel they can’t into children who know they can
  • Creating an environment where children aspire to learn more effectively
  • Creating confident parents


Jean and Hilary work with all ages from pre-school on to primary and secondary. You can also get tuition for the Eleven Plus, entrance exams, ‘SAT’s, ‘GCSE’s, ‘AS’ and ‘A’ Levels.

Tuition Visits

After the initial first hour session, children come to two-hour sessions which are held after school and on Saturday mornings…

About Us

In addition to these, we offer tuition for the Eleven Plus, Entrance Exams, ‘SAT’s, ‘GCSE’s, ‘AS’ and ‘A’ Levels.

First Visit

At Successful Learning, we’ll chart out group and individual plan for students based on their specific requirements…


At Successful Learning, we provide lessons that are beneficial to each individual student. Our approach is directed to strengthen each student’s weak areas. Our students are mainly from the Wirral, Liverpool and Merseyside…


In Half Terms and holidays, we run Three Day Schools and Whole Days. These provide opportunities for children to work with us over a concentrated time. They are particularly popular with parents who live some distance away …

All children can benefit from our holistic learning


Do you need some extra help for your child in a particular subject or you want to make sure that your child is understands the subject matter taught in school? Get in touch with Successful Learning and give your child the right assistance for academic and personal development.


Our aim is to enhance every child’s capacity by innovative methods of education.


  • Children who are nervous, shy and have low self-esteem are helped to develop their own strategies for success
  • Children who struggle to understand what is required of them in the classroom can learn how to get the most from school
  • Children who cause disruption and despair at home can be helped to become proud members of their own family
  • Talented and gifted children who are bored at school can benefit from the creative and inspirational methods taught at our centre.


Our methods work with all children including those diagnosed as having dyslexia, dyscalculia, dyspraxia, ADD and ADHD, Asperger’s Syndrome and Autism.

For skilled and trustworthy tutors, call us on 0151 625 2619